Research Interests

Research in Progress:

Cartographic America: The Spencer Map Collection 

This book is co-authored with David Owings (Columbus State University Archives) to offer the public a glimpse at the extensive collection of early North American maps from the Age of the European Explorers to the late 19th century. The Spencer Map Collection documents the emergence and evolution of the American colonies, specifically Georgia, and the formation of the United States as a whole, ranging from the late 1500s to the late 1800s. Mr. Kyle Spencer generously donated his private map collection to Columbus State University. This book has a two-fold purpose: to extend public history to a larger audience and to use the proceeds to support student programming at the Spencer House in Oxford, England. 

Forthcoming with CSU Press in the Summer of 2023.

Research in Progress:

What is Mapping Globalization?

'Mapping Globalization' is my unique approach with integrating geography/political economy with other disciplinary perspectives to explain changes in globalization. Much of this work is focused on the twenty-first century but can also be used in an historical fashion. I have used geography and/or political economy to explain neoliberalism's affects on Brazilian public higher education. I use my two disciplines to understand the ways climate change affects disaffected communities on the Georgia Atlantic coastline. Mapping Globalization allows me to engage with historians on spatial change in North American via the J. Kyle Spencer Map Collection at Columbus State University. Finally, it enables to also teach geography and international studies with a more holistic epistemology of our changing planet.